Jordanne Kay-Polley is a professional freelance makeup artist with over 5 years’ experience. She is an exceptionally dedicated makeup artist with industry experience in editorial, fashion, special effects & catwalk makeup. 

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Hi, I’m Jordanne! I’m a professional freelance makeup artist with over 5 years’ experience. I have industry experience in editorial, fashion, special effects & catwalk makeup. From the likes of working on Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture SS20, to working with celebrities such as Lilah Parsons, Karina Istomina and Zara Martin. All these varied experiences, along with being a Fashion Certified Artist at MAC Cosmetics, have enabled me to gain an insight into many areas within the industry and given me the opportunity to work with some fantastic artists.

I’m also a qualified Nanoblading Artist and have gained a high reputation for being able to transform client’s less loved brows, to beautiful works of art.





If your question is not listed below, please get in touch.

What is semi-permanent makeup?

It is the process of implanting coloured pigment into the upper layer of the dermis to create tiny life like hair strokes to create the appearance of a fuller brow. This is done by using a hand-held tool with tiny sterile needles.

Can I have Nanoblading done?

I cannot carry out the treatment if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are under 18
  • You have diabetes (consult doctor to ensure blood sugar levels are in target range)
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • You had Botox in the last 4 weeks
  • You are prone to keloid scarring or scar easily
  • You have autoimmune disease (eg. Lupus, Celiac disease, Rheumatoid arthritis)
  • You have Glaucoma or taking blood thinning medicines (eg. Asprin, Warfarin) 
  • You have skin diseases such as Psoriasis or Eczema in the area of the treatment
  • You have transmittable blood conditions such as HIV or Hepatitis 
  • You have Haemophilia 
  • You have healing disorders or uncontrolled high blood pressure 
  • You are on any skin medication such as Accutane or steroids in the past year
  • You have active skin cancer 
  • You are undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
  • You have epilepsy or prone to seizures 
  • You have a pacemaker or major heart problems


Please consult your doctor if you take any medication or have any health problems not listed above to ensure that it is safe to treat you.

What is the difference between Microblading & Nanoblading?

Nanoblading is like the new and improved version of microblading. It uses much finer blades, to create a more crisp, realistic hair strokes. However, the procedure is the exact same.

Does Nanoblading hurt?

Pain thresholds vary between clients, topical numbing creams are used during the treatment. Pain is usually minimal and Jordanne will always ensure you’re comfortable throughout the whole treatment, however, you may experience small amounts of discomfort. 

How long does Nanoblading last?

This varies based on many factors, on average the brows last 1-3 years in the skin if they aren’t touched up. Touch ups are required every 9-18 months as they will fade over time. The frequency of these touch-ups is dependant on factors such as: skin type (ie. oilier skin types do fade faster), sun exposure, lifestyle factors, chemical peels, & pigment colour (lighter shades will fade faster).

What should I do before my Nanoblading treatment?
  • If you know your ideal shape and colour, bring a few photos with you to your appointment. 
  • If you plan to go on holiday, it is recommended to have your treatment at least 14 days before. 
  • Avoid any blood thinning medication for a 72 hour minimum prior to your appointment. This includes Vitamin E, Asprin, Niacin, Fish oil supplements and Ibuprofen.
  • Do not dink any alcohol or caffeine at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. 
  • If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you MUST wait at least one year before considering this procedure. 
  • Avoid sun and tanning bed exposure for 2-4 weeks BEFORE and AFTER your procedure. As your skin exfoliates from sunburn, it will take pigment with it & burnt skin will be hyper-sensitive. 
  • No tweezing, waxing, threading or shaving of the hair will be required before your appointment. Jordanne will draw your desired brow shape and remove any unwanted hair.
Do I need a 5-7 week top up appointment?

Yes, this is included in the price of your brow treatment. Your brows will heal lighter than they are on the day of your initial treatment, some clients retain pigment better than others. Everyone’s skin is different and heals different. In the top up session, Jordanne will assess how your brows have healed, look at the colour retention, and tone. If clients are unsure on whether to go darker or not on the first session, Jordanne would always advise to go with a lighter shade. This way she’ll be able to assess how the brows heal and then potentially go darker on the touch up session, if required. It is always better to start lighter and go darker, than to have them too dark. 

What is the aftercare?

You will need to keep the area dry for 7 days following your treatment, you will be given an ointment to apply twice daily. You will be given full aftercare advice at the end of your appointment.

How do I look after my brows long term?

A sun cream of SPF50 should be applied during sun exposure after healing, this will help keep the pigment colour true. Sun exposure will make the colour soften faster and can discolour the brows. Fading depends on client’s skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, pigment of colour used, broken capillaries and whether chemical peels are used after treatment. If you are planning a chemical peel, laser treatment or other medical procedure, please inform the technician that you have had a cosmetic tattoo. They MUST avoid the tattooed area. 

How long does the average makeup application take?

A makeup application can take anywhere from 45-90 minutes. It can vary as some makeup looks require more technical skill. If you would like a fairly natural makeup or would like to book in for just eyes please allow around 45-60 minutes for the appointment.

Are you mobile and can you come to me?

I’m based in my studio in Horley, Surrey for all Nanoblading appointments. I’m available to travel to makeup appointments for a small fee of 45p per mile outside of a 5 mile radius from my studio to cover mileage. I’m able to travel for bridal bookings upon request.

Will I need a trial before I have my appointment?

It is not a necessity to have a trial before your appointment. However, if you have never had your makeup done before or perhaps indecisive, a trial beforehand may be an effective way of easing you into the service so you know what to expect on the day of your appointment. If you are a bride to be, it is highly recommended to have a trial before your bridal appointment, as this will relieve any stress and make sure we are both prepared for the day.

Do you provide lashes or do I need to bring my own?

Standard lashes are included in the cost of your makeup application. You can upgrade at any time to the luxury lash range for a wider selection of both natural lashes and voluminous lashes. If however, you had a pair of lashes that you would prefer Jordanne to use, she will happily to apply these for you instead. Just remember to bring these with you on the day!

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